Here in this article is a list of world leaders, who want Trump to win the US election 2020.

It will be an understatement to say that the 2020 US elections are important to the world. The presidential candidates are trying to win the support of several world leaders during this presidential election. Perhaps, especially talking about the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, it is believed that Trump is supported by many world leaders as he has altered world affairs through his close friendships.

Here are few of the world leaders who are supporting Donald Trump and want him to win.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro

If there is one world leader who has fully committed himself to Trump, it is Bolsonaro. The Brazilian President is an ardent admirer and a shrewd imitator of his US counterpart Donald Trump. President Jair Bolsonaro’s strong ideological alignment with President Donald Trump is inevitably leading towards his support for Trump in the upcoming US election.

Like Trump, Bolsonaro is often seen commenting on women and minorities. He was also spotted leathering fake news, just in the way Trump does it. Just like Trump’s “America First” slogan, Bolsonaro adopted his own version: “Brazil Above All.” Bolsonaro can be considered as a doppelganger of Donald Trump as this world-view and political style is somewhat similar to US President.

It is believed that Biden’s victory in the election will obviously affect the bilateral relationship that Brazil and the US share. But more than affecting the bilateral relationship, Biden’s victory could threaten the global environment that Trump’s presidency helped create for Bolsonaro’s political project. Many are postulating that US election results are surely going to affect the ‘Brazil elections 2020’ for which Bolsonaro has started his campaigning process. Bolsonaro’s close proximity to Trump is a big asset to him politically.

Trump is highly popular among Jair Bolsonaro’s die-hard supporters and the perception of his supporters that Bolsonaro possesses privileged access to the White House is one of the major political assets he holds with him. He wants President Trump to secure his second term against former Vice-President Joe Biden to gain legitimacy in world politics.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The bond between US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is no secret and their friendship is quite visible to the world. Their bond between the two leaders is deep because of their shared interests in security, defence, and also about their concerns related to China. Both the leaders are popular because of their political showmanship and have even faced certain criticisms, be it from media or protesters.

On September 17, Trump was seen praising Indian Prime Minister Modi on his 70th birthday as a “great leader and loyal friend.” The two world leaders were seen supporting each other during the early stage of the coronavirus pandemic. India supplied hydroxychloroquine to the US, while Trump supported by ordering ventilators to India.

The US and India have had a long close partnership with each other but it has rarely manifested in this kind of bonhomie. In Trump, Modi found a close friend and a President of the world’s largest democracy who is supporting him and is efficiently ignoring the Hindu-Nationalist agenda. Trump did not even comment on the Hindu-Muslim clashes in New Delhi that occurred during his visit to India in February 2020.

Unlike Trump, Biden, and his Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is not willing to overlook political issue in India. Kamala Harris is often seen being vocal about the most controversial Kashmir issues and also about the alteration in the Citizenship Laws that rejects the citizenship of Muslims who belonged to neighbouring countries.

And let’s not forget the clear demonstration of the deep friendship bond between Modi and Trump during the “Howdy, Modi!” event in Houston, Texas, and the blockbuster “Namaste Trump” event that happened in Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad. Modi enjoys a close relationship with a few of the world leaders, but Trump seems to be the most favourite of the Indian Prime Minister.

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban

Hungary’s far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orban, just like other nationalist leaders is hoping for Trump to remain in power for the next four years. Orban is pretty much convinced with Trump’s idea of politics. Last month, he was spotted saying that the relationship between Hungary and the US will be lowered, if Biden comes to power. Most of the country’s in the world want to have a friendly relationship with world power and so is a similar case with Hungary.

Orban has got reasons to maintain diplomatic relations with Trump as he is an unabashed advocate of “illiberal democracy.” He doesn’t care for the rule of law, democratic institutions, or press freedom. Just like Trump’s ‘America First’ rhetoric, Orban has also frequently spoken about ‘Hungary First’ policies. He also accused media outlets of his country of peddling fake news, the idea popularised by Trump.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 

US President Donald Trump proved himself to the best President for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. No matter what trump’s short-comings are but he surely is good for Israel. Trump is crowned as the “BFF” of Israel and is the one who is best when comes to accommodating Israel’s aims – whether it’s recognising Israel’s control of the Golan Heights, walking out of the Iran nuclear deal, moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, or brokering the normalisation of ties with the UAE and Bahrain.

Trump is highly popular among Israelis and therefore, trump is the supported candidate in Israel for the US 2020 election.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first person who expressed his support to the US President Donald Trump in 2016. He supported Trump during his 2016 election campaign. Putin considered Trump as a very flamboyant and talented man. He said, he has no doubts about trump and feels that Trump is an absolute leader for the presidential race.  

Though the relationship between the US and Russia turned to be toxic during the four years of Trump’s presidency as the US imposed more sanctions on Russia and walked out of arms control treaties that Moscow wanted to renegotiate, but still Trump has been great for Vladimir Putin in a general sense. Putin in a sense wants Trump to be the winner because it will be hard in the future for him to deal with the democratic Biden.