Don’t blame yourself for not achieving a particular mark of success. You need to understand there are certain things in life that aren’t meant for you.

Isn’t it just true to say that almost everyone and everybody feels anxious like they are having some sort of existential crisis? Do you feel like you are failing in life? Do you feel like you are not getting the things done right and you are living one wasted day after another? Do you feel stuck? It all sounds dramatic, but all these thoughts come from a self-critical voice deep within you that repeatedly reminds you that you are wasting all the time allotted to you to complete all the tasks for which you have been sent on this planet.

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Always blaming yourself for not achieving a particular mark of success won’t really help you. You might think, these ideas don’t work in real life, but believe me there are many possibilities that account for you not having achieved as much as you hoped. Yes, that’s true. You read that right.

You need to give yourself a self-sympathetic touch in order to move past your failures and restart with fresh energy.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but, I feel like life is passing by

There are many moments in life when you think that you’ll end up in the same spot for your whole life or sometimes you think that you’ll have to start all over again- these insecurities control your reasonings and end up making you anxious or depressed.

Sometimes, it becomes important for a person to understand that life isn’t passing them by, but there are certain things that aren’t really meant for them. Most of us won’t come up with the next Facebook, or be the youngest executive at our company or even create a brand for ourselves that gets us millions of impressions and followers. No, most of us will be scrapped and that’s awesome!

To help reduce anxiety and depression over little failures in life, one should always believe that no matter what has happened, tomorrow is a new day. Make the best use of every possible thing that is coming your way. You can always recreate your life tomorrow if you want. Always remember, never force yourself to do things that you never want to do as you will end up making excuses and will ultimately feel bad about it.

Address your wants and needs

Your inner critic always drives you to try hard. It even pushes you towards the need for perfection. But it never allows you to settle, despite whatever efforts you put in. These unrealistic and unreachable standards make your successes feel like failures to you and ultimately you lose the battle you were supposed to win.

Try to overcome your fears in life. Don’t give up. This can be the best way to fight your anxiety issues. Don’t think too much about the time that has been passed, in fact, think about the present moment and make the most out of it.  

It’s all about perspective

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There’s no right way to live your life. A lot of people compare themselves to their old classmates, friends, family, and co-workers. They see other people doing what they think are great things, and that’s when they start to feel like their life is a waste. But the truth is that we all have different values and different paths in life, so you just can’t compare yourself to anyone else.

Grieving a loss is fine, necessary, and normal. But if you’re overly focused on this hurt, or get stuck in it, it will be impossible for you to move ahead. Don’t let your old-self doubts come in your way of achieving success. Life isn’t going to play out exactly the way we want it to, just go with the flow. 

We recommend you to seek professional help if the feeling continues. You can check for some help here.