As localised lockdowns were forced to remain in place in the national capital, the Delhi government has permitted the home delivery of liquor orders via mobile apps and websites by making a legal provision for it. Yes! Delhiites will now be able to order alcohol online and can get the delivery at their doorsteps.

Delhi government allowed the home delivery of liquor under the amended excise rules governing the trade of alcohol in the city. As per the Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021, only L-13 license holders will hold the authority to deliver liquor at the doorstep of people living in Delhi.

The amendment doesn’t allow all liquor stores to start doorstep delivery of liquor but only to those who possess an L-13 license.

In accordance with the rules, the license holders will be permitted to offer the service of home delivery only if they receive the order through mobile app or online web portal. Also, it was made clear that no delivery can be made to any hostel, office, or institution.

As per previous rules, the home delivery option wasn’t completely prohibited, but the process was a bit complex. Earlier, L-13 license holders were allowed to carry out home deliveries only if the licensee receives the order through e-mail or by Fax (not on the telephone).

As soon as the news was announced, Twitterati took to the microblogging website to share some hilarious memes to express their contentment on the decision taken by the Delhi government.