Kunjan Ahluwalia

Chennai, June 11: After drawing flak over the misreported number of COVID death cases in Chennai, the Tamil Nadu government seeks a COVID-19 death audit report. The order came after nearly 200 Coronavirus linked deaths were found missing from the official data.

covid death cases in chennai
Image source: Times of India

The authorities cite a ‘procedural lapse’ since the Chennai Corporation did not report COVID deaths cases on a daily basis. With fingers pointing towards the Tamil Nadu government for hiding the data, TN Health Secretary Beela Rajesh told The Indian express “We don’t have to hide the death data, we cannot do that. We have been accurately reporting all Covid-19 deaths as reported from hospitals in the public and private sectors. Following the latest reports that there were several deaths that were not reported, we have formed this committee to assess all these alleged COVID death cases in Chennai city limits,”

Arappor Iyakka, the anti-corruption initiative sought investigation on the matter of three COVID-19 cases in a government medical college not being added to the state’s toll. Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Dr. P Vadivelan, took cognizance of the entire crisis and issued an order stating, “from now on, all the COVID death cases in Chennai Corporation have to be notified on a daily basis”. 

Recently, DMK leader J Anbazhagan also succumbed to Coronavirus and many grieved the massive loss.