The CEOs of about 40 top American companies have come together to provide their support to India amidst the growing number of COVID-19 cases. This specific kind of task force would mobilise resources and coordinate efforts to provide to India. 

With the sudden rise in coronavirus cases in India, a collective initiative of the US-India Business Council of the US Chamber of Commerce, and the US-India Strategic and Partnership Forum and Business Roundtable, committed to delivering 20,000 oxygen concentrators to India in the coming weeks. This would be tackling one of the biggest issues of the country currently.

‘The Global Task Force on Pandemic Response: Mobilising for India’ as they like to name themselves would be taking on the responsibility of assisting India in critical medical supplies, vaccines, oxygen, and other life-saving assistance. 

As reported and notified by Punit Renjen, Global CEO of Deloitte, the first 1,000 oxygen concentrators will arrive in the middle of this week. By May 5, the nation can expect another 11,000 oxygen concentrators. He stated that the goal is to get 25,000 or even higher. Post this oxygen cylinder with 10-litre and 45-litre capacity and monitoring kits will be taken care of. 

The task force has representatives from various sectors like manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, technology industry and more. These American companies are coordinating with Taranjit Singh, the Indian Ambassador to the US for relevant information and requirements. 

Renjen also said that the citizens need not panic. If proper care is taken and people follow the management and scientists of the country, the problem can be resolved in weeks.

Organisations contributing to the COVID-19 fight

Kunal Shah, founder of CRED announced that CRED would be allowing its users to contribute CRED coins for the COVID relief in India. He added that they would be sourcing  1 billion litres of oxygen. The actions would be supported by NGO called Milaap.

Food delivery service Zomato rolled out a priority delivery feature for Covid-19 emergencies, including oxygen. Zomato along with its NGO Zomato Feeding India aims to raise Rs 50 crore.

Tech Giant Amazon came forward to donate about 10,000 oxygen concentrators to India due to the recent shortage of them. Google and Microsoft too have pledged resources, donations and services to support India in its fight against the virus. 

Indian corporations like Tata and Reliance too have donated resources to the worst-hit areas of the country and as well as to various Government hospitals across the nation. 

Corporations, startups, brands are trying their best to help India in the current situation through various possible means.