The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is speculating to cancel board exams for class 12 due to a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country. The board is expected to cancel class 12 exams keeping in view the students’ growing demand for cancellation. 

The final decision regarding this is expected to be taken by CBSE Board and Education Ministry at a review meeting which is to be held in the next two weeks. 

As per media reports, a senior official said “Given the current situation, there is a possibility of scrapping the exams altogether. CBSE will review the situation and probably would have to work out an alternative assessment scheme for the Class 12 students.”

It has also been quoted that the pandemic is in a much serious position than last year, therefore it is highly unlikely that the Class 12 Board Exams of the CBSE Board would be held this year. However, the final decision is expected after reviewing the situation in June. 

The board will not risk the lives of students by conducting exams.

The opinions on cancelling the board exam are slightly divided. Many people believe that such delays would harm the admission process of the students. A lot of people also have said that the exams should not be cancelled completely but instead, the board can opt for other alternatives like online exams. 

Some are also of the opinion that the health and safety of students must be the priority and students must be allowed to use internal assessment marks for admissions. 

However, any final decision can only be revealed post 1st of June. The level of uncertainity is definitely causing stress amongst students.