Artificial Intelligence Technologies are Now Closer to Humans Than Ever Before

Artificial Intelligence technologies are slowly entering human life and making it adopt new changes. AI has become mainstream and is transforming our lives while we are busy debating its future. When the world started reading about AI many articles focused on how it will replace humans with robots. This created a negative mindset around the human’s next greatest invention after the computers which transformed life as we know now.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Microsoft recently replaced journalists with Artificial Intelligence Technologies for writing articles, China also tested a robot for news reading in its popular TV show. The humanoid robot Sophia which traveled around the world gave interviews in popular shows which showed humans a glimpse of how the future maybe. The Netflix show, Black Mirror, shows how technology will control humans and constraining their freedom.

As we are bombarded with such information about how AI will take over human lives, we have failed to see the positive aspects of how it will improve living standards and introduce new jobs in the market. The pandemic has certainly given a push to the AI industry due to the introduction of social distancing and work from home. AI technologies are now in demand and are helping humans who are stuck at home in their work.

Humanity will soon adapt to a paradigm shift in its economic relationship with the adoption of new AI technologies in the modes of production of goods. Termed as the fourth Industrial Revolution or AI era will bring about certain changes in the world. During the pandemic, use of Cloud Computing and Big data is a demo experience of the AI era before it becomes the new reality.

Millions of children attending online classes, mothers using apps to order online grocery delivery, cashless digital payments through multiple platforms, and video conferences happening although these are not new, however, the pandemic has increased the scale at which they are being used.

AI Technologies
AI Technologies

The universe of Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Big Data is getting more involved in the day to day humans lives. Al will replace humans in various professions and will certainly change the present dynamics. Big organizations will benefit much more from the AI era than small organizations and transform the work structure across all echelons.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Infusion of AI will redesign the present work structure resulting in some roles disappearing forever while at the same time creating new ones. When Journalism moved to the computer and editors started using software to do their works, jobs such as proofreaders – disappeared. However, new jobs like video editing were created revolutionising the whole field.

AI is inevitable in human lives. Understanding how it can help them to grow both professionally and personally is important. When a person invests in stocks using AI he can track each stock without any physical effort and invest effectively resulting in better profits. Embracing the AI future will help to enhance the quality of work and provide humans with better opportunities and will help them to use it for an efficient society.

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