We all have been eagerly waiting for a virtual reality headset from Apple and it seems our wait is going to be over soon as latest reports claim that the American tech giant is planning to launch its first-ever device in the augmented reality segment. 

Various reports suggest that Apple’s first virtual reality headset is expected to come with a powerful processor along with a high resolution display and these VR headsets are expected to be launched in 2022. 

Apparently, Apple is also working on advanced and powerful chips for its device that is expected to create ripples in the market of VR/AR headsets. The headset is code-named as ‘N301’ and will be quite more expensive than other virtual reality headsets from rival companies suggests reports..

Many rumours suggest that a secret team of 100 employees at Apple has been working relentlessly on the project. Further, the company is also testing technology pertaining to tracking of hand movements including software features like a virtual keyboard and a fan. According to  a report in Bloomberg — the headset is expected to arrive with a price tag of $300 – $900.

Apple Virtual Reality Headset

This Apple VR headset which is set to give tough competition to Facebook’s Oculus and Sony’s Playstation VR is also expected to have a similar lightweight body. Following that Apple is reportedly using fabric exterior to reduce the weight of the device. That said, Apple will be using chips even more powerful than its latest M1 processors.

Apart from it, Apple executives have also been rumored to be discussing the technology related to 3D scanning and advanced human detection that might come packed with the device. The VR headset will be using a high resolution display and cameras while adorning with the features like ‘read small type’ and ‘ see other people’ standing in front of and behind the virtual objects. In addition to it, the VR headset will also have the ability of mapping the dimensions of a room, nearby surfaces with greater accuracy.

User experience

To enhance user experience, Apple is said to be creating an App Store for gaming and streaming video content for conferencing and other purposes. Following that Bloomberg has reported it as a ‘3D digital environment’ with interactive multimedia content. The VR headset will be easily controlled by Apple’s virtual assistant Siri. These headsets will be running on iOS and will be sporting touch panels, voice activation, hand gestures methods, as suggested by the prototype.

Prior rumors also hint towards an 8K display that can adorn the VR headset. Moreover, Apple is also planning to bring a box to which the VR will be having a connection — along with high speed and short-range wireless technology anointed as 60Ghz WiGig. The box will be further powered by 5-nanometers Apple processor. With that, users will not be required to install extra cameras as all these will come in-built to the headset.

Fancy headset features

Keeping the convenience of the users in mind, Apple is further providing the system of inserting glasses in the VR headset that will solve the problem of several users not being able to wear glasses over the headset. 

In fact, Apple is also embedding a fan with the headset to keep users cool throughout their experience — this addition did increase the size of the device but now the company has brought minute changes in the headset by bringing it closer to the face.

Apple Smart Glasses

Along with a much awaited virtual reality headset, Apple is also reportedly working on bringing out smart glasses based on Augmented reality which is rumored to get a launch in 2023. Interestingly, the device will cost $499 along with prescription lenses with added expenses.

Various reports have indicated that the current prototype hints towards high-end sunglasses with thick frames embedded with battery and chips for functioning. Further, the company will also be using a 0.5-inch OLED display by Sony having a 1280×960 resolution. Furthermore, these AR glasses will be offered as an accessory with the iPhones.