Young population reporting cases of heart inflammation due to COVID-19 vaccination

Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines given to the young population may put them at higher risk of developing a heart muscle inflammation called myocarditis. According to a report submitted by the Israeli Ministry of Health, one in 3000 and one in 6000 men between age 16 to 24 who received the shot developed the myocarditis condition.

Back in April, Israel health officials learned about the situation when more than 60 cases were reported. In the US during the same time, the U.S. Department of Defense started tracking 14 cases. While officials at the European Medicines Agency talked about 107 reported myocarditis cases.

The report of myocarditis by the Israeli Ministry of Health came at a time when many European countries and the US debating about vaccinating younger populations of below 16. Israel started vaccinating its population of above 16 in January, and it will announce whether vaccination program will be opened for children 12 and older. 

The link between myocarditis and vaccine may be real, however, the condition of a person who develops the disease is usually mild. When compared to COVID-19 infection it is serious and can cause long-term side effects. 

Israel depended on Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines in their early stage and in a total of 110 myocarditis cases were reported among 5 million people who received both shots. One in 50,000 vaccine shots receiver is a number that may not be concerning in the general population.

However, the rate of myocarditis among young men is very high. More than 90 percent of reported cases in the country are seen in men. Cases of the disease developed through the use of the Moderna vaccine are being investigated in the US. 

Both Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine relies on messenger RNA (mRNA) may increase the risk. Ver high anti-body levels generated in the young body may be the reason that leads to an immune overreaction that inflames the heart.

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