Our universe might look like a black-hole to the outside world, claims study

Researchers have also observed that during the process of the formation of the universe, the conditions were suitable enough that it could have led to the beginning of the primordial black hole.

Our universe is still a cauldron of mysteries and humankind is yet to know whether we are alone in this colossal universe or there also lies some other worlds. Various space exploration programs go on simultaneously with decades of research on galaxies, the universe, and various space objects that are seemingly perplexing.

When it comes to the black hole, it can easily take our curiosity to new peaks while we still remain oblivious of various facts and possibilities it poses. One such theory that has come so far is whether our universe lies in the black-hole or did the black-hole gave birth to the universe. Various studies dealing with both questions have taken place at different moments of time and while we still do not know if any of the said proposition encompasses reality – these researches offer a wide variety of substantial perspectives to these theories.

Physicists have led the study of a primordial black hole by observing millions of stars through the deployment of Hyper-Suprime Cam of 8.2 m huge Telescope which has been placed at the height of 4,200 meters of Mt. Mauna Kea in Hawaii. This helps scientists in producing thousands of images of the Andromeda galaxy across the span of a few years.

Further, the studies conducted by scientists have concluded to Big Bang theory – and the further expansion that has taken place since the time of inflation of the universe when it came to existence with all its structures. Following that, researchers have also observed that during the process of formation of the universe, the atmosphere was suitable enough that it could have led to the beginning of a primordial black hole. Physicists also claim that these PBHs could have created due to splitting apart of baby universes from the main universe during inflation.

Such creations of baby universes that might have collapsed could have released a tremendous amount of energy that has led to the emanation of a black hole. Interestingly, some of these universes might have attained an unusually bigger size while getting gravitational force. Scientists have also propounded that while we are inside that black hole, it looks like an expanding universe and when we are outside it looks like a baby universe. Primordial black holes will appear as black but their true structure – is concealed by boundaries surrounding them through which even light cannot be passed.

Moreover, studies conducted in 2020, did even claim that these black holes might be carrying small universes within them of varied sizes while they can expand into different directions. The idea of Big Bang theory has led the claims that as the universe expands, various galaxies recede from it at an accelerating level while the universe behaves as it holds some innate energy while the expansion continues.

With the due course of time, the important aspects regarding the origin of the black hole and universe expansion can be further corroborated with scientific factual aspects related to them.

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