Little ways to fight your Work-From-Home Stress, Anxiety & Burnout

Are headaches, body pain, poor sleep and the continuous feeling of frustration have now become a set routine of yours? If yes! Then these classic symptoms are a sign that something needs to be changed. Today with large number of people working from home, the feeling of burnout is hitting an all-time high.

What started as a short-term leave from the office has now transformed into an entire workforce transition. While most people are working from home in the comfort of their pajamas and no commute, the feeling of burnout is acting as a fly in the ointment. But it’s important to take this feeling of burnout seriously as it is a legitimate medical condition, too.

Burnout not just means feeling exhausted from your work, but is also known to cause a series of both physical and mental conditions including obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and cognitive decline. Therefore, here are some ways to fight your job burnout:

1. Structure your day and plan breaks:

The best way to deal with workspace burnout is to plan your day accordingly so that you get your work done and also get sufficient breaks in between the working hours. Working continuously for 8-10 hours straight is not at all healthy and therefore, it’s necessary for you to take enough breaks to relax your brain.

Also, it’s important to note that working continuously for hours with no breaks, lowers productivity and increases stress levels. Planning small walks in your room, desk stretching, and breathing exercises for few minutes in a gap of two to three hours will help and you will soon start noticing the results as well.

2. Feed body with proper diet and sleep:

Feeding your body with adequate sleep and maintaining healthy eating habits is key to keep your body functioning properly. Food and sleep are the two basic components that keeps a person going. Therefore, providing enough sleep and healthy food to the body make it work more efficiently without stressing.

3. Discuss with your manager:

Discussing your problems with your manager can make a lot of difference in your work environment. Most people are often worried and scared to talk to their managers about unrealistic deadlines, but honestly discussing them can really help. Discussing problems can make you both mutually come to a conclusion which might really help you to complete your work within the set deadline.

4. Learn to say no:

It sometimes becomes important to say ‘No’ to certain things which you don’t want to do. Saying ‘No’ and voicing up can really help in keeping your mental peace. You can assess your current workload, and then take a decision. And, if you feel that it will not be possible for you to take more work, instead of just leaving your colleagues without any help you can offer them a solution so that they don’t feel that you are turning your back on them.

5. Inject positivity, say no to negativity:

Being positive is the best way you can deal with any kind of stress. A positive attitude will automatically make every day more pleasant and more productive. Apart from this, making yourself comfortable and enjoying after you are done with your day’s work can make you feel more relaxed even for the next day.

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