Authorities have declared a red alert as super typhoon Noru approaches the Philippines. Vietnamese citizens are currently in danger from the storm, also known as Super Typhoon carding in the Philippines. This blog will highlights the latest Typhoon Noru Vietnam updates from the ground level.

Noru, the eighth typhoon of the 2022 Pacific typhoon season, developed as a disturbance over the Philippine Sea. It moved slowly eastward until it became a tropical depression, at which point it started to move westward. Noru is the sixteenth named storm and eighth typhoon of the season.

Typhoon in Vietnam forced the closure of airports, disrupting travel, and forced thousands of people to leave their homes. It caused at least eight deaths and significant floods in the Philippines, Vietnam advised more people to leave.

From the latest Typhoon Noru Vietnam update it’s claimed that 110 million people reside on the major island of Luzon, where Typhoon Noru has caused gusts of up to 240kph (149mph). According to forecasters, the storm “explosively intensified” as it neared land west of Luzon. Landslides, flash floods, and hazardous storm surges could all be brought on by the storm.

Authorities Decision on Vietnam Downgrade Typhoon News

Vietnam Downgrade

Authorities have already ordered the evacuation of more than 8,400 people from its route and have issued a warning that the storm will also affect Manila, the nation’s capital.

The country’s meteorological department said that wind speeds had reached 183 kph late on September 27. Noru was predicted to make landfall in Vietnam on September 28 before weakening and continuing on to Thailand.

On 27th September, as the winds began to gather up speed, the roofs of 300 buildings in the coastal province of Quang Tri were blown off. Trees were uprooted in the adjacent Hue. The third-largest city in Vietnam, Danang, had all of its businesses shut down, and citizens were forbidden from leaving their homes.

In order to prepare for rescue and relief efforts, the defence ministry mobilised over 40,000 soldiers and 200,000 militia members who were each armed with boats and armoured vehicles.

On 27th September Typhoon Noru Vietnam update is to conduct the emergency meeting on disaster response, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh remarked, “we don’t have much time left, the storm is growing, so our responses must be stronger and faster”. Nearly half of Vietnam’s airports have been closed, resulting in the cancellation of hundreds of local and international flights.

Along with many provinces schools and workplaces, including the populous city of Danang, as locals hurried to find shelter ahead of the typhoon’s anticipated arrival on September 28.

Red Cross Prepared to Assist When Typhoon Noru Hits Philippines

Typhoon Noru Hits Philippines

Teams from the Philippine Red Cross and employees from the International Committee of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) have been dispatched to the area to help and evacuate victims.

The strongest storm to hit the nation this year, which is equally powerful and destructive as Super Typhoon Rai from last year. In December 2021, Typhoon Rai struck the nation and is thought to have killed 400 people. Which also damaged or completely destroyed 1.5 million homes in December.

Additionally, one of the most potent tropical storms ever recorded, Typhoon Haiyan, claimed 6,300 lives in 2013. According to the latest Vietnam downgrade Typhoon news, it is the major storm that leads to tropical depression, and leads to create food situation.

What is happening in India, Wet spell warning between October 2 and October 5 for the Durga Puja Days?

Kolkata could become the victim of a storm that is barreling across the Philippines and spoiling Puja. A powerful cyclone is expected to bring heavy rain to West Bengal, according to the Typhoon Noru Live Tracker Map on Windy.

After the Typhoon Noru Vietnam update it is anticipated that it make landfall in the Bay of Bengal around October 1 after wreaking damage in the Philippines. West Bengal and Odisha could be lashed by moderate to heavy showers during the Durga Puja festival.

On October 1, cyclonic circulation is most likely to develop over the Bay of Bengal. From October 2 to October 5, rain is anticipated in Kolkata and other coastal Bengal regions. The system is anticipated to provide rain on the important Puja days if it travels over 3,000 kilometres to the Bengal coast.

After two years marred by the Covid virus, Durga Puja is once again in full bloom. It is probable that moderately dry weather with sporadic thunderstorms will accompany the Puja. Any weather system can intensify in late September and early October due to favourable climatological factors, such as the sea surface temperature and wind shear.