Internet down: Twitch, Spotify, BBC, Amazon and other global websites down due to Fastly CDN glitch

For several hours on Tuesday, popular websites like Twitch, Amazon, Spotify, Reddit, HBO Max, Quora, PayPal, Vimeo, the New York Times, BBC, Financial Times, UK government website, among others, were down. The issue has been attributed to a glitch in Fastly’s CDN services. 

Fastly has since acknowledged the issue and says it is working on fixing the problem.

According to, close to 22,000 users on Reddit and more than 2,000 users on Amazon have reported troubles with the respective platforms. 

But why did the CDN glitch affect so many global websites? Because these websites use the CDN services by Fastly, which sits between users and websites as a link for content delivery network, image optimisation, video and streaming, cloud security, among other things. So when Fastly gets affected, so do these websites. 

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