Instagram will now let people list their pronouns on their profiles

Facebook-owned social media platform, Instagram on Monday announced that it’s allowing people to add up to four pronouns to their profile. Instagram is making it easier for people to define their pronouns and allow people to refer them through it. The users can choose to display their pronouns publicly or only to their followers.

Users under 18 will have this setting turned on by default. Instagram took on Twitter to say, “Add pronouns to your profile. The new field is available in a few countries, with plans for more.” 

This feature is not yet available for all. It will be rolling out soon for all. To set your pronoun, go to your profile page, hit ‘Edit Profile,’ then look in the list of items for an empty Pronouns field. Tap that and you can pick what you prefer to be called by. 

There are upto four options available. These are pre-set in order to avoid gender-related ‘memes’. The company might be able to add more options if suggested and asked by users. 

Specifying gender pronouns, make it a more inclusive space for people who don’t identify themselves as binaries. Instagram took on a good move to make its space more inclusive. Facebook allowed users to define their pronouns back in 2014, although the feature is limited to “he/him, she/her, and they/them.”

Dating apps too have become more inclusive and lets people define their gender and pronouns.

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