Covishield produced more antibodies than Covaxin, claims study

A new study on coronavirus vaccinations in healthcare workers in India has revealed that two doses of the Covishield vaccine have produced more antibodies than two doses of Covaxin. The first Indian study involving doctors and nurses who received both doses of either of the two COVID-19 vaccines claimed that the seropositivity rates to anti-spike antibodies were significantly higher in Covishield recipients when compared to Covaxin after the first dose.

The study has been submitted to a journal as a preprint in MedrXiv, an online repository, and is among the few studies of the real-world effectiveness of vaccination in India.

The researchers of the study, who were all doctors indicated that both the Made-in-India vaccines elicited a good immune response in the recipients. The study even highlighted the fact that none of the participants, who were also all doctors and got both doses of vaccines, were ill and only about 6 percent of the participants tested positive at different points of the vaccination schedule.

As per the study, “Among 515 healthcare workers (305 male, 210 female), 95 percent showed seropositivity (higher antibodies) after two doses of both the vaccines. About 425 health care workers received Covishield and 90 who received Covaxin, the seropositivity was found to be 98.1 percent and 80 percent, respectively.”

It was found that one dose of Covishield produced 10 times more antibodies than Covaxin and after a second dose was added, the two shots of Covishield produced about six times more antibodies than Covaxin.

The study even pointed the risk of breakthrough infections in the case of Covishield at 5.5 percent as compared with 2.2 percent for Covaxin. A total of 27 participants who received both shots of a vaccine tested positive. Of these, two cases were moderate while the remaining only had mild infections.

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