BTS also known as Bangtang Boys is a seven member boy band active since 2013, the BTS ARMY globally celebrated their seventh anniversary on 13th June. For the BTS FESTA 2020’s closing ceremony Jin, V, RN, Jungkook, Jimin, J-hope and Suga wrote notes to each other. The army was extremely moved by V’s notes to the rest of the boys. If you missed it, here’s all you need to know.

bts members
BTS members (V Spills)

V aka Tae-Hyung expressed his love, concern, and appreciation for the Bangtang Boys. V emphasized on how RM is really close to his heart and he wishes to know more about Rap Monster’s feelings and what goes on in his mind.
While talking to Jungkook, V referred to him as maknae (youngest sibling/member) and reassured him that he’s there for him and reminded him not to be sad.
Tae thanked Jin for always caring about him. Tae admitted how his style is different from Jimin’s and how they’re both growing fond of each other, also that his door is always open for Jimin as he has always been there for him.
V conveyed his gratitude to J-hope, thanking him for making the first step and always checking on him. V confessed that when Suga smiles, everyone is happy.

Not only did Tae give thoughtful and supportive notes addressed to the Bangtang Boys, he also showed concern for their mental and physical health and wished to see them soon. During the BTS FESTA, Tae also thanked the army for loving the boys for who they are and seeing potential in them.