Brain training app’s junk food game can help you break your junk food habits and lose weight

Losing weight can be a real struggle, and most people often attempt every possible means to lose that extra fat from the body. From exercising hours to starving to death, people usually do everything to lose fat, but to no benefit they end up cheating their weight loss plan. But to help people achieve their goals when it comes to weight, scientists have developed a brain-training app that can help people eat less and lose weight.  

A new research by the University of Exeter suggests that using a brain-training app can help people eat less junk food and lose weight. Therefore, scientists have developed a junk food game within a brain-training app, called The Food Trainer (FoodT app) that actually trains people to tap on images of healthy foods, but stop tapping as soon as they see unhealthy snacks on the screen.

According to the developers of the brain-training app, the game focusses on creating an association between junk foods and an inhibited response, helping users avoid unhealthy options.

The study found that playing the game everyday for about a month can lead to an average one-point reduction of junk food consumption on an eight-point scale (the scale ranges from four or more items per day to one or zero items per month). It is also being believed that for anyone with unhealthy eating habits, perhaps developed during the lockdown, FoodT might be helpful.

However, it was reported that people who used the app more reported larger changes in their food intake. Also, it was noticed there was an average weight loss of about half a kilogram (just over a pound) and a small increase in eating healthy food items across the participants.

The app is available free of cost and only takes about four minutes of a person on a daily basis. Therefore, the app is termed as realistic in approach with effective results.  

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