85% vaccines administered between 18-44 group comes from just seven states

When the central goverment opened vaccination for the age group between 18-44 yearsit was considered as a crucial step to fight the pandemic, but the shortage of vaccines, lack of a proper formula for allocation, and confusion between states and Centre is not allowing to achieve mass vaccination targets set by the government.

Though the drive for the 18-44 group started on May 1, people are not able to find a vaccine slot in their respective areas and because of the unavailability of the shots, many state governments have delayed the state’s vaccination drive up to May 10, this resulted in the inequity of vaccines. Among the 18-44 group, 85 percent of all vaccine doses were administered in just seven states of the country.

The central government assured the Supreme Court that they will ensure equity in the vaccine administration by working with private manufactures to distribute doses among states but the government’s assurance seems to be failing completely.

Between May 1 to May 12, different states administered a total of 34.66 lakh doses to those in the 18-44 age group. Of the total vaccine doses, 85 percent were administered in just seven states. Maharashtra administered 6.25 lakh vaccine doses to people between 18-44 years, followed by Rajasthan with 5.49 lakh, Delhi with 4.71 lakh, Gujarat administered 3.86 lakh, Haryana 3.55 lakh, Bihar 3.02 lakh, and Uttar Pradesh 2.65 lakh.

These seven states are among hard hit in the second wave with more than 1 lakh active coronavirus cases. Though they administered the highest doses in the country, yet in total it only accounts for 5.86 percent of all eligible vaccine seekers. Many other hard-hit states stopped vaccination due to the shortage of vaccines.

While worst-hit state Karnataka with over 5.87 lakh active coronavirus cases administered just 74,015 doses to its younger population. Now due to vaccine shortage, the administration of the state decided to halt the vaccination drive from May 14.

Kerala with over 4.24 lakh cases and the third worst-hit state-administered only 771 doses. Tamil Nadu with over 1.62 lakh active cases administered 22,326 doses and West Bengal with over 1.27 lakh active cases administered 12,571 doses. 

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